Sunday, 24 February 2008

Springtime, please come soon!

Dublin is kinda at that point where if it was a little warmer and we had a few more sunshiny days, it would be springtime. The daffodils are making an appearance, which is a sign! I'm a terrible spring addict, it's drizzly but not depressing, sunny but not hot and an all-around pretty season.

So, here is how I shall be celebrating spring:

& This week is rag (raise-a-grand) week in college so there will be plenty of outdoorsy activities including the iron stomach (that I have to fundraise at... hopefully the funny will surpass the gross).

& Lots of floaty summery dresses with cardigans on top, denim minis with fluffy jumpers, short jackets with flared jeans. All with the obligatory scarf, pashmina, silk or square depending on the highly-changeable weather! Pictures to follow, I swear.

& Picnics at the Pav! The Pav is our student pub and it is amazing. Indoors it's tiny, the toilets are gross and selling beer in cans is a testament to its classiness. However, it's a really outdoorsy pub, with plenty of terraces and picnic benches, a view over the cricket pitch and lax policies on bringing in your own booze and spilling onto the edges of the cricket pitch when it gets busy. Plus, it's the sort of place you can just show up and you will know somebody.

& Night-time wanderings. I adore walking through the suburbs at night, I'm not really sure why. I think it's because they're so generic and spread out that you'll always wander somewhere you've never seen. It gets a little surreal sometimes. Plus, there are loads of hidden treasures; an ex once showed me a little river below a main road and I found a park I never knew existed.

& Making daisy chains. There are some hobbies you never grow out of.

& Reading outdoors. Oh, it's a lovely feeling having to fight against the wind over page-turning. Hang ooonnnnnn, I'm not done with that page yet.

What's everyone else looking forward to about spring? Or do you all hate it with a fiery passion?

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